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 My name is Francesco Tribuzio and I come from an Italian family. My father grew up in a small town in Italy called Mola Di Bari. The town itself is small but is filled with the best of people. There my father since he was a boy grew up working as a butcher. Having the last name Tribuzio was kind of famous in Mola because of how small the town was. My father's side of the family owned around 7 butcher shops in Italy which were known for their great products and customer service. My family's butcher shop first opened in the year 1964 in Mola Di Bari. I had been honing my craft in being a butcher for so many years that at the age of 15, I had already been considered a full-time butcher. At the age of 18, I was enlisted in the Italian army and left for a year of service. My job in the army was to be “of course” the Butcher. I would cook in the kitchen and take care of guard duty during the night shift. When I finally made it home I first sat down with my mom and she says to me " Francesco I love you with all my heart, you are my baby boy, and I will never stop loving you, but I can’t see you being a butcher in this small little town. My love, You are meant for great things with your life.” She then shows me a one-way ticket to America and says I want you to take it.” I understood where my mom was coming from but was conflicted. Part of me wanted to leave and part of me wanted to stay home. I decided to take the ticket and leave for America hoping for my dream of having my butcher shop in America. I first came to America in 1991 with 184 dollars in my pocket knowing my journey had just begun. I knew very few people but started working right away for very little money. When I came to America I couldn’t speak any English and started working in the supermarkets cutting meat. I worked long hard hours for little pay until years later I finally got my chance to open my very own butcher shop. I first opened Tribuzio Meat Market with my father in June 14th 1994 and have been open ever since. The motto that has lasted generations for Tribuzio Meat was and always will be

“Quality over Quantity”


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